Carboxymethylcellulose Ophthalmic Solution

Carboxymethylcellulose Ophthalmic Solution

Carboxymethylcellulose Ophthalmic Solution – Carboxymethylcellulose ophthalmic solution is utilized in the treatment of eye irritation and dry eyes. it’s a lubricant that helps to alleviate irritation and discomfort thanks to dryness of the eyes or thanks to vulnerability of the eyes to wind or sun. the drugs work like natural tears and provide overnight relief from burning and pain thanks to the dryness of the attention. Also, this medicine use as re-wet soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses. This medicine keeps the attention moist and helps to guard the attention against injury and infection.

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How to Use:

While you’re applying this medicine follow all instructions on the drug label. If you’ve got any inquiry then discuss them together with your doctor. If your ophthalmic solution changed color or cloudy then don’t use the drugs. Within the market, certain brands have a milky appearance and this is often okay as long because the solution doesn’t change color. If this product mentioned shaking before use then roll in the hay gently. Frequently, drops could also be implemented as frequently as required. If you’re also using ointment then use it once each day and it’s going to be best to use it at bedtime.

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To apply this ophthalmic solution first wash your hand with lukewarm water. To avoid contamination, take care don’t touch the tip of the dropper together with your eye and other surfaces. Tilt your head back, look upward, and pull down the lower eyelid to make a pocket. Palace the dropper right over the attention and squeeze out 1 or 2 drops as your doctor instructs. Blink several times after pouring the drops. After applying look downward and shut your eyes for 2-3 minutes. To stop the medication from draining far away from the attention you’ll put your index at the corner of your eyes.

If you employ the other medicine then a minimum of 5 minutes before applying other medications. While using the attention drop remove your contact lenses and disinfect them after the use of drugs. After applying the drugs replace the cap tightly after each use. Always store at or below 25°C and out of the reach of youngsters. If you employ a single-dose container throw away any part left over after the dose is given. Don’t miss any drop during the treatment isn’t finished. Tell your doctor if your condition is best or worsens.

Side effects:

Your vision could also be momentarily blurred when this medicine is first used. Also, you are feeling some minor burning, stinging, irritation within the eyes. If any of those effects continue or worsen immediately tell your doctor. If your doctor prescribes this medicine, then remember that they know the benefit to you is bigger than the danger of side effects. Most people using this medicine and that does not have any serious side effects.

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If you are feeling any serious side effects like eye pain, vision change, continued eye redness, irritation, severe dizziness, trouble breathing. Then tell your doctor as soon as possible. That very rare to point out any serious side effects however, if you notice seek immediate medical attention. This is often not an entire list of side effects, if you notice anything associated with any of those side effects then consult your doctor.


Before using this ophthalmic solution tell your doctor if you’ve got any allergy thereto or the other allergy. This medicine may contain some inactive ingredients which will cause you some serval health problems or allergies. Consult your doctor for more details.

If you facing other ill health then share it with your doctor alongside your medical record. During pregnancy or breastfeeding linger on the secure side and avoid this medication. Consider all advantages and uncertainties together with your doctor.

Carboxymethylcellulose may cause you temporarily blurred vision just after placed within the eyes. Don’t drive, don’t use any machines, and do not do any movement that needs a transparent vision till you’re bound to perform such activities safely.


If you’re using this product under your doctor’s prescription, then your doctor previously aware of any potential drug interactions, and that they observe you for them. Don’t stop, increase, subdue or cause other medicine externally familiarizing your doctor first.

Before using the drugs tell your doctor all medications you’re taking including prescription and nonprescription/herbal products. This drug may interact with the other medicine then discuss all possible interactions together with your doctor.

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Consumer information use: 

  • If your symptoms or health problems don’t recover or if they convert worse, tell your doctor.
  • Do not share your ophthalmic solution with others and don’t take anyone else’s drops.
  • If you miss your dose then don’t distress, just attempt to apply as soon as possible. But just in case the time to use your next drop then neglect it.
  • If you overdose on this medicine first wash your eyes immediately or inform your doctor.


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