HPMC Ophthalmic Solution USP

HPMC Ophthalmic Solution USP

HPMC Ophthalmic Solution USP – HPMC belongs to the group of medicines known as cellulose ethers. HMPC is well-known as Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and this medicine is used in the form of eye drop as well as eye gels to relieve dryness and irritation caused by reduced tear flow. Also, this medicine is used in the form of injection as a surgical aid during certain eye surgeries. This ophthalmic solution helps prevent damage to the eye in certain eye diseases. It also helps to relieve the burning seen in dry eyes by maintaining proper lubrication of the eyes. Use HPMC ophthalmic solution USP only if your doctor prescribed you. Use the number of drops as directed by your physician.

How To Use HPMC Ophthalmic Solution: 

When you use this ophthalmic solution first read and follow all instructions on the medicine label. Before using gently shake your eyedropper. To apply this medicine wash your hand with soap or any hand wash. To avoid contamination be careful regarding the tip of the dropper that cannot touch your eye or any other surface. Tilt your head back, look upward, pull down the lower eyelid to make a pocket. Place your dropper over the eye and gently squeeze out 1 or 2 drops as your doctor prescribed.

Look down and close your eyes for 2-3 minutes. place your index finger at the corner of your eye for the ophthalmic solution from draining away from the eye. If you are using this medicine on the other eye then follow all the same steps. At least wait 5-7 minutes before delivering any other medication in the same eye to avoid dilution. This medicine is only for external use. Don’t use the bottle if the bottle steal is broken before you open it. Also, keep your dropper tightly closed and store it at room temperature.

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If you wear contact lenses before using medicine remove them and ask your doctor when you may replace your contact lenses. This ophthalmic solution may require long-term use and can be taken safely for as long as you need it. Don’t stop this medicine without telling your doctor.

Benefits of HPMC Ophthalmic Solution USP: 

Normally your eyes provide sufficient natural tears to help them move easily and comfortably and to remove dirt and other shreds from your eyes. If your eyes did not produce sufficient tears then they become dry, red, and painful. Dry eyes can be affected by wind, sun, heating, computer use, and some medications. This medicine keeps your eyes lubricated and relieves dryness and pain. Also, this medicine help protect your eyes from injury and infection.

Side effects: 

There are some major and minor side effects of HPMC ophthalmic solution USP:

  • Blurred vision
  • Decrease/loss of vision
  • Eye pain
  • Excessive tearing of the eye
  • Redness in and around the eyes
  • Foreign body sensation in eyes
  • Matting or stickiness of eyelashes

Some of these side effects don’t need any medical attention. These side effects may go away while the treatment as your body adapts to the medicine. If the side effect persists or if you’re worried about them then consult your doctor.

Before using this medicine: 

Before using this medicine tell your doctor if you are suffering from any of these. If you have an allergy to this medicine or you are facing an allergy to other medicine or any kind of food then tell your doctor before using this ophthalmic solution because this product may contain inactive ingredients that can cause you allergic reactions or other problems.

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Before using this medication tell your doctor if you have any medical problem or medical history because if your doctor knows what other health problem you are facing in your life then you prescribe the medicine as your body needs.

Don’t drive, don’t use any machines, or don’t do any activity that requires clear vision until you are sure you can perform such activities safely because after using this medicine your eye will be temporarily blurred for few minutes.

This ophthalmic solution is not approved for use in pregnant women unless specified. All the risks and benefits of this ophthalmic solution should be discussed with the doctor before administering/receiving this medicine.

If you breastfed your child while using this ophthalmic solution then tell your doctor about it. Because many ingredients of this medicine are passed by breast milk it may cause serval problem to your child so, before using this medicine tell your doctor, if you breastfeed your child.


All medicine is interacting differently from person to person. You should check all the potential interactions with your doctor before taking this medicine. This ophthalmic solution may not occur with any kind of alcohol, tabacoo, medicine, food, disease, etc. Before taking this medicine ask your doctor about the interaction of this medicine. Don’t start or don’t change your medicine dose without informing your doctor because it may cause any interaction with your medicine.


When you take this medicine to try to take it as the doctor prescribed you otherwise it may cause you serval problems. In case you miss the dose of the medicine tries to apply as soon as possible but the time to next drop then skip it don’t overuse it. If you overdose on this medicine then immediately wash your eye or consult your doctor.

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