ketoflox Ophthalmic Solution

ketoflox Ophthalmic Solution

Ketoflox Ophthalmic Solution – This ophthalmic solution is for external use only. Ketoflox is used to reduce symptoms such as redness, swelling, pain, etc. This drug is a combination of two medicine Ofloxacin, Ketorolac that treats eye disease. Ofloxacin is well-known as an anti-toxin and that eliminates microbes by keeping bacterial cells from dividing and fixing. Ketorolac belongs to a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that preventing the arrival of several synthetic errand people that reason torment and aggravation in the eye. Also, this drug prevents and treats swelling in the eye due to eye surgery.

How to use Ketoflox: 

While you apply the medicine read all the instructions very carefully on the medicine label and follow them. Before using this medicine shake your bottle before each dose. Wash your hand and to avoid containment don’t touch the tip to your eye or other surfaces. While applying the medicine tilt your head backward and look upward and now pull down your lower eyelid and create a pocket. After creating a pocket holds the drop close to your eyes without touching it and gently squeeze the dropper and place the medicine inside the lower eyelid.

After apply close your eye for 2 minutes and don’t try to blink your eyes. To stop the drainage put your index finger at the corner of your eyes. If you want to use the medicine to the same eye then follow all the same steps or your doctor direct other medicine to the same eyes then wait at least 10 minutes. After each use replaces the cap of the dropper or doesn’t rinse your dropper. Store the eye drop at room temperature and don’t freeze the bottle.

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While you applying for the medicine if you are wearing contact lenses before using the medicine remove your lenses. Always use the portion and duration of medicine as your doctor direct you. Try to don’t skip your dose until your full course of treatment is not finished, even you feel better.

Side effects: 

  • Blurred vision
  • Dry Eye
  • Eye discharge
  • Redness of the eye
  • Eye discomfort
  • Eye irritation
  • Burning sensation in eye

During the treatment of your eyes if you use this medicine and after applying for medicine any of these or related side effects you have shown then call your doctor as soon as possible.


Before taking the medicine tell your doctor if you have an allergy to this medicine or any other kind of allergy. May this product contains some inactive ingredients that cause you allergy reaction and other health problem. Also, tell your doctor if you have an allergy to any food, medicine, etc. Before using the medicine consult your doctor if you facing any health disease. Always try to share your medical history with your doctor.

After applying for the medicine it may cause side effects that could affect your ability to drive. When you use this drug try to avoid driving, using machinery, and any other activity that requires clear vision. At least wait 10 to 15 minutes after using the medicine for using any activity that requires vision because after applying for the medicine your vision may blur for a few seconds to minutes.

If you breastfeeding your child while applying for this medicine then that not safe for your baby. Before utilizing the medicine ask your doctor about the risk and benefits of the medicine. During the pregnancy try to avoid this medicine because that may cause serval health issues. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or try to become pregnant.

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All medicine is interacting differently from person to person. Before taking this medicine discuss all inherent interactions with your doctor. There is no information available of interaction this medicine but alcohol or tabacoo may occur interaction. Also, some medicine or disease may occur interaction so always take the advice from your doctor before applying for the medicine. Don’t start or don’t switch your medicine dose without informing your doctor because that causes any interaction with your medicine.


Always take this drug as your doctor advises you in your treatment either it may cause serval health issues. In case you miss your drop then don’t need to worry about it just try to apply as soon as possible but not the time of the next drop. In case you overdose on this medicine first wash your eye and then immediately consult your doctor.

General Information: 

Use this medicine precisely as prescribed by a doctor. Do not use in larger or smaller quantities than prescribed. Consult the doctor if you feel any unwanted side effects. Assure that the treatment course is finished. Do not discontinue the use of this medicine without discussing it with your doctor.


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