Ofloxacin Ophthalmic Solution

Ofloxacin Ophthalmic solution

Ofloxacin Ophthalmic Solution – Ofloxacin Ophthalmic Solution is utilized in the treatment of eye infections. It works accommodating to kill the bacteria which are producing the disease. This medicine belongs to a category of medicine that well-known as quinolone antibiotics. Ofloxacin ophthalmic also uses the threat of an ulcer within the cornea of the attention but does not treat a viral or mycosis of the attention. Misuse or unnecessary use of this medicine can cause its decreased effectiveness. Also, this medicine decreases the manifestations of the disease by inhibiting the further continuation of the causative microorganisms.

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How to Use Ofloxacin ophthalmic:

Ofloxacin ophthalmic instills within the eye. Usually for affected eyes instilled or more times each day or as your doctor directs you. While applying the drop read all instructions on the label of the drug carefully and follow them. Don’t use this drop in large and little amounts or for extended than prescribes by your doctor. Don’t apply your contact lenses when you use this ophthalmic solution.  Disinfect your contact lenses consistent with the directions of the merchandise and ask your doctor before using them. A minimum of wait 10 to fifteen minutes after applying the drop before fixing your contact lenses.

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To apply ophthalmic solution first wash your hand properly with any soap. To avoid infection, attempt to don’t touch the dropper tip or let it touch your eye or other surfaces. Tilt your head backward, look upward and pull down the lower eyelid to form a pocket. Hold your eye drop directly over the attention and place one drop into the attention. search and shut your eye for 3-4 minutes. To stop the drop from draining out, palace an index at the corner of your eye and apply pressure. After apply don’t blink or rub your eye. Follow an equivalent step if your doctor directs this medicine to your other eyes.

For more benefits use this ophthalmic solution on regular basis. If this eye drop has shown you any side effects then continue using it for the full-time prescribes because in few days all side effects disappear. Stopping this eye drop too early may release bacteria to stay to grow, which can occur during a recurrence of the infection. Keep your eye drop store at a temperature far away from moisture and warmth. Don’t wash the eyedropper. Always replace the dropper cap after use.

Benefits of ofloxacin solution:

Ofloxacin solutions are antibiotic medicine. This medicine works by preventing the expansion of the bacteria that are producing the infection. Also, it helps to scale back indications like pain, redness, itching, or soreness caused thanks to eye infections. The dosage and duration of treatment are going to be selected by your doctor to support your health condition. Confirm you finish the complete curriculum of treatment. This may assure that the infection is fully cured and stop it from recurring. If your symptoms don’t improve after applying this eye drop within a couple of days then inform your doctor.

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Side effects:

Here are a number of the common side effects suggested below for you.

  • Eye burning or discomfort
  • Eye-stinging or redness
  • Tearing eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry eyes

If you are feeling any of those side effects after applying for the drugs then don’t get to worry about it. These are just common side effects just continue your eye drops for a few days all side effects disappear.

Here are a number of the rare side effects mentioned below for you.

  • Skin rash
  • Apiaries
  • Itching
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • Swelling of the face, throat, tongue

If you’ve got shown any of those side effects after applying this eye drop then consult your doctor as soon as possible.


Before using this eye drop tell your doctor if you’ve got an allergy thereto or the other allergy. This medicine may contain several inactive ingredients which will cause you allergies or other health problems. Don’t use this eye drop to treat a viral or mycosis within the eye. This medicine is merely used for the treatment of bacterial infections.

Before applying this eye drop tell your doctor about your medical records especially of other eye problems. Also, you share your medical record what prescription and nonprescription medications you’re taking. Your doctor may require you to regulate the doses of your medications or monitor you, particularly for side effects.

May this drug cause temporary blurred or unstable vision after applying the drop. After applying medicine don’t drive, don’t use machines, or don’t do any activity that needs a clear vision.

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Using this ophthalmic solution while pregnancy if you clearly needed it. Otherwise, stay on the safe side and avoid this eye drop during pregnancy. During breastfeeding, this eye drop is perhaps unsafe. Discuss all benefits and risks of drugs together with your doctor.


Drug interactions may alter how your medications act or raise your risk for serious side effects. Share your medical record with your doctor or what you’re taking including prescription/nonprescription drugs and herbal products. Without notifying your physician don’t change, stop, begin the dose of your medicines.

Consumer information:

Remember, keep this eye drop out of the reach of your children, never share your eye drops with others, and use this medication just for the indication directed. just in case you miss your dose then skip it or apply it as soon as possible and continue together with your normal schedule but don’t overdose. If you overdose on this ophthalmic solution then wash your eye immediately with lukewarm water and consult your doctor.


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